Hannah A short
by G. Amber

Richard Davison, the fifth worker from my father's agency to be killed this month. The killings had occurred at a constant rate during the past few months since my fathers appointment. The news had reported few of the deaths, and none of the recent ones. So, why had his death been so heavily investigated? The article about his mysterious death, said there were no leads as to who had committed this murder. Hannah was good at what she did.

Though I had no curiosity as to who was responsible for these murders, I did wonder why only Davison's death had been so thoroughly reported. I lay on my back wondering this for a moment. I rolled over to look deep into the eyes of the reportedly dead Richard Davison. I continued to think until the sound of the door opening ripped into my thoughts. Hannah walked in. Hannah was my godmother, when my mom passed away Hannah took me in. Hannah was tall, with blond hair that was usually pulled back into a ponytail. She was only 25 years old, but she seemed to me to be wise beyond her years.

She set down the bags she'd been carrying and took off her over coat. "Have you had dinner yet?" she asked me.

"No." came my reply.

"Oh good, I got us some Chinese food." She picked up the bags and carried them over to where I was lying on the floor. She dropped to her knees. I rolled over on to my side and sat up. "You look as though your minds been crucified. What's up?"

I looked up at her and sighed, "You remember Richard Davison?"

"Yeah, What about 'im?"

"Out of all the people who were killed, his death was the only one reported."

"Yes, they are trying to draw attention to his death, it's a sign." She said, though there still seemed to be calmness in her voice that I could not relate to. " Funny thing is I haven't killed him yet." I stared at her, my eyes wide with horror. "No need to discuss this further."

Arguing was not an option, I finished the odd noodley concoction that was my dinner and rose from my place on the floor. I walked to the glass door, and stepped out on to the balcony. I could still feel the shock for the previous conversation. I stood there watching the traffic flow by. Then, suddenly, I saw him, Richard Davison, the man from the mortuary. He was crossing the street toward our hotel, how could he be here? He was dead, Or was he? Just as I pondered this his face tilted up ward. I could feel his eyes skim over the balconies, I silently ducked behind the low wall that was supporting the railing. I inched an eye around the corner, he was gone. I walked back through the door. "Hannah," I called, "you won't believe what I saw."

She hung up the phone. "Davison was a fake."

"I just saw him!" I stammered "he was~" I fell silent. The ding of the elevator reaching our floor resonated from the hall. Hannah grinned.

"Time to go." she said coolly. I followed her out on to the balcony where we used the fire escape to climb onto the roof. We stood on the roof concealed only by darkness. The roof had lawn chairs and that fake grass used in miniature golf courses. Hannah looked over the edge.

"What about the stairs?" I called to her.

"good Idea." she said, calmly strolling around to the back of the railing overlooking the bottom of the stairs. I followed her, I lent against the railing my back to the stairs. breathing calmly. Somehow this surprised me. This guy was going to kill us. It didn't seem so bad, death. My thoughts trailed away and Hannah grabbed my arm.


"Get ready." She pulled a gun from her belt. "Six shots," she said, "We'll have to be careful."

The door opened and a shot was fired up at us. I rolled over. Richard ran up the stairs thrusting a knife in my direction. I dodged the knife, loosing my balance. I regained my stance and snatched up the knife slipping it into my sock. I looked up to face my attacker.

Hannah had run back toward the fire escape as if to take his attention off me. The man fired again. Hannah ducked and turned around to take aim. She fired, but she wasn't the only one. Her shot hit Davison just above the sholder. Howerver the second shot hit Hanna, she tumbled backward down the fire escape. I lost all sense of proportion and charged at Davison. Drawing the knife from my sock as I launched toward him. I hit Davison full throttle slashing at his head but only barly cutting his ear. Pushing me away he sent me rolling down the stairs. I can only assume I hit my head on one of the steps, knocking me unconscious. To my disappointment this proved painful.

When I awoke I was in yet another hotel, it was dark both inside and out side the hotel room, only the dim light from outside could define any movement. There was no sign of Hannah, only a dark figure dressed in an over coat and boots, they were holding a towel to their clearly bleeding arm. The figure moved into the light and I recognized his face. It was Richard Davison. He had a young face and dark hair tied back by a rubber band. He looked at me, yet at the same time didn't look at me, a characteristic Hannah too had. Was he also an assassin? "I'm sorry I had to do that."

"What? Where's Hannah?" I stammered.

"you sliced my ear up pretty good back there," he said cooly indicating his heavily bandaged ear. "Are you planning to be an assassin too? I could have sworn you planed to kill me." A malicious grin spread over his face.

"Where's Hannah?" I said again more steadily.

"Hannah?" he looked puzzled, "Oh, Victoria's changed her name, has she? How long have you been living with her?"

"Where is she?!?" I demanded

"Do you realize what your trusted guardian has been doing the last couple of months?" He asked.

"Working. Where is she?!?" I demanded once more.

"She's a traitor and a murderer!" He yelled.

"Murderer?" I asked startled at the harsh accusation. "Hannah is no murderer!"

"Ah, of course, 'license to kill' she would have taught you that." He said.

I smile "Where's Hannah?"

"Hannah has a debt to pay." He began.

"No you didn't get Hannah, you got me. Hannah got away."

"That's just as good, you will lead me to Hannah." Said Davison.

"You think so?" I asked, " Clearly you don't know me very well."

"Oh how sweet, loyalty to your dear, good, Hannah." He sneered "Do you think Victoria would do the same for you? She still has work to do before she dies." Just then the door swung open, a shot was fired another and another. I looked up Hannah was Kneeling by the door, Davison was lying on the floor.

I ran and crouched down next to Hannah, waiting for what to do next. We clearly had to leave. She smiled and reached out to touch my face, " You're going to be so beautiful when you've grown, I hope you accomplish your dreams. I have accomplished mine just by helping to raise you." I was confused. What was she saying? She spun her revolver around and put it into my hand. Another shot was fired, and Hannah collapsed. I suddenly understood, I spun around and fired three times. Davison collapsed now. He was dead.

The young assassin who wrote this story changed her name to Victoria Davison and is now one of the most famous assassins in the world. No evidence that she was connected to any crime was found and there still isn't enough evidence to say that this story isn't well, just a story.