Words, Words, Words

On Meeting Schedules

A success forestalled is preferable to
a failure on schedule

Word order matters

Consider the difference between:
Fat free and Free fat

Word spacing matters

Consider the difference between:
Legend and Leg end

Sound order matters

Consider the difference between:
Fanatic and Attic Fan

Words with the 'oo' sound are inherently funny

balloon, bufoon, bassoon, baboon,
kangaroo, spitoon, and macaroon
are some examples

Sadly, many become derogatory words

Bugs bunny uses 'moroon' or perhaps 'maroon' this way even though it is not obvious that this is a word

A half baked analogy

When people tell me I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, I remember the sharpest crayons are the ones that have never accomplished anything

Punctuation Counts

Shorthaired Dog vs. Short, Haired Dog


There's nothing wrong with wondering about commonplace things.


It's the things that people are "sure" about that they usually screw up


Pizza is an acceptable breakfast.

Just think of it as a large pepperoni danish

Is it better to have known, and forgotten,
than never to have known at all?

I hope so;
else my education has been for nought


The problem with ignorance is that the afflicted
are unaware of their ailment


The best tasting beer isn’t free
It’s homemade


The lid doesn't stick on the peanut butter jar