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Our frogs sing from sunset until after midnight. They start the singing season some time in late February or March and continue into June. If your sit out by the pond near sunset you will hear them first in the bushes croaking then, as the sun sets, they migrate toward the pond until you hear little splashes as they dive in. You can hear the high singing croak from any where in the house. I've been told their call can be heard three miles away but I'm skeptical about how you would measure how far you were away from the frogs you hear.

I can remember being away on business trips and calling home to talk to my wife and the children. If it was in the spring I could always hear the frogs in the background singing about their home and mine.

If you move suddenly, near the pond, or come out the sliding glass door the frogs will go silent and wait until the coast is clear. However, each frog takes pains not to be the last to start up again. Since they are calling for mates when they sing, I can see how this makes good advertising sense. The funny this is that they will interpret almost any remotely frog-like sound as unwanted competition and immediately commence crooning. Back when it was still on television, the Budweiser frog commercial was enough, through an open window, to set them off. But so is a stick rubbed against rough wood.

We have two frog ponds; the big ten foot by ten foot pond with mosquito fish for mosquito control, is basically a singles bar because the mosquito fish also eat tadpoles, and a smaller wine barrel size plastic bucket. In the bucket the tadpoles are the mosquito control so it produces frogs most years. When everybody is singing you can hear frogs from both ponds singing away in concert.

A pond book I once read said that you can neither attract nor repel frogs from your pond. If they choose to come you have frogs otherwise you don't. Years ago, when we moved here, the frogs came to the wine barrel we had for a pond at the time and they have returned every year since no matter how we evolved the pond.

It's an honor, like having a cat adopt you.

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