Too Many Warning Labels?
This is the 9” chipper I ended up renting
This picture was taken after everything was safely chipped and the chips removed to cover a path in my backyard. The 9” refers to the size of the hopper aperture. The largest limbs I had to deal with were five inches in diameter at the base and cut up into pieces shorter than four feet in length with side branches removed. Because I had previously used a smaller six inch aperture chipper, I knew how to prepare the wood I was chipping, and everything went quickly and safely. This is a potentially hazardous, also noisy, machine, so I wasn’t surprised to encounter warning stickers. However, I was dazzled by the number, variety, and wordiness of the stickers. This rental unit came with the instruction book in a plastic receptacle attached to the hopper. So I was able to compare it to the stickers, and I would say, that if all the text in the various stickers were compiled into one volume, it would be a fair recreation of the instruction manual.
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